What’s my (tag) line?

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I know I’m dating myself, but “What’s my line?” was the longest running game show in television history. The first episode aired in 1950, and the show finally concluded in 1975. The premise was that a panel, made up of “celebrities” would question a participate and try and guest their “line” of work. Hence, the “what’s my line” title of the show. They would usually try to have odd or rare “jobs” so as to make it entertaining; and, of course, the panel wasn’t not allowed to simply ask “what do you do?”. That would kind of have made for a short and dull program.

Okay, so why the trip through television history? Well, as you may know, one of the things I do is help businesses come up with a tag-line, or a clever introduction. I have a bookkeeper I’ve worked with who says “I create money puzzles”. She then explains how she collects all the pieces of a businesses financials and puts them together to create the “big picture”. I had a client who formulates and sells cosmetics that are created for people who want to need to avoid chemical exposure. Her introduction is “I help you get out of toxic relationships”.

Here’s one more example. A small business banker, after working with me, tells potential new clients that he provides “Prospective Banking”. He then explains that he works to get to know your business, it’s needs and your future plans, and then he, “prospectively” schedules the services you’ll need so they are in place and ready to go when you need them.

You know the one thing I’m having trouble with? My own tag line. With “Speaking of Success”, under public speaking services, I provide one-on-one coaching, group workshops, public speaking coaching, communication and presentation skills, elevator pitches, and I will create the actual powerpoint or prezi presentations for my clients. My writing offerings include web content, blogging, press releases, articles, video scripts, speech writing and editing. Pretty much all communications based services.

So, here’s my problem. “What’s my (tag)line?”. I can create tag lines for other folks, but I find myself stymied when I need one for myself. Okay loyal readers – give it your best shot – tell me – what do you think my tag line should be?

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