Web Content

"Rich Austin has worked as a writing consultant for my firm from October of 2014 to present. His responsibility includes research of my websites navigational keywords, writing content, and to provide marketing and SEO expertise. Rich proved to be an efficient, hard-working, and punctual professional. I was very impressed with Rich's ability to complete all work in a timely and professional manner. The content is always very precise and thorough. He has also been a very loyal business partner, and friend. I highly recommend Speaking of Success and Rich Austin for any speaking, or writing for success consulting job. He is an excellent person; anyone would enjoy working with him."

Danilo Reyes, President
Available Staffing Network, LLC

“I’ve worked with Rich Austin on a number of websites, and it’s been a great experience. Because he has a worked with many different industries, he’s able to write for an assortment of businesses.”

Carrie Coren Graphic Designer,
Carrie Coren Design



"Thanks for being a great listener and helping me gain more clarity on the message I need to deliver during my prospecting stages. Even though I have years of experience speaking with prospective business owners, my message was not gaining any traction to continue with deeper conversations. Your advice has helped me to become more precise in my delivery."

Greg Laboissonniere


"Richard Austin is the best!  He listens very intently about what you do.  He even does research about your profession to help you create the best tagline for your business.  He also creates great advertisements in his emails, that attract new clients/customers attention.  Richard truly is an exceptional person to help you increase your business and business skills."

Jennifer Wilkicki,
Massage Professional



"Rich truly went above and beyond when I worked with him on enhancing my presentation skills. He provided valuable feedback and tools to overcome some of the challenges with public speaking that I had. He was very responsive to my needs and flexible at addressing them. I really appreciate his help and genuine interest in my success!"

Tatiana Ayriyan

"Richard helped me focus both my business direction and my one-minute introduction. We accomplished more in an hour than I had in months of trying on my own. I now feel more confident about my career, my networking skills, and my ability to speak publicly."

Traci Seed,
Communications & Marketing Manager



"Mr. Austin did an excellent job in guiding me through the difficult tasks of developing a multimedia medical lecture. He was creative and very supportive. He made himself available for my irregular schedule. I would use him again."

Dr. Frederick Godley, MD


"Rich Austin has recently helped me to clarify my business message, helped me to outline the specific results I offer, designed a visual flow chart of how my services work, and crafted my introduction for networking etc. Rich really went above and beyond in our meetings and didn't stop there. With a clear understanding of what I do, who my clients are and who my networks are he has kept my services in mind throughout his own networking efforts and has introduced me to wonderful local professionals to help me build my sphere. Working with Rich has been a tremendously useful, informative, entertaining, and effective experience. Rich provides a much needed service for business owners trying to truly define or even freshen up and clarify their message and introductions. I imagine some if not many entrepreneurs come to you not yet fully clear on these issues, which is fundamental for effective marketing. For those who consult you and don't quite have it all figured out yet, I highly recommend Rich Austin's services. He also started a Meet-Up group called Smooth Talkers where we have fun, practice and learn public speaking tips for those business owners who aspire to do public speaking."

Becky Nolan,
True You Solutions

“After my first session with Rich, I could already see significant improvements. Our initial project was developing my “elevator speech” but it also gave me valuable insight into how to craft my message in various ways. He also assisted me in refining a presentation that I had given about a year ago to a group of medical professionals such that this year’s presentation to a similar group was infinitely more effective. Rich is supportive, encouraging, and always ready with a helpful suggestion. He inspires confidence, and I highly endorse his skills & talents.”

Christine McLacken,
Charland, Marciano & Company, CPAs, LLP

"Rich Austin is known as the best person to turn to when planning a business campaign.  Starting with planning the campaign to creating the key campaign messages to developing the content used in social media channels and for the company website, he has repeatedly shown that he is an expert at making a business campaign stand out.  In addition to his success with digital campaigns, he is known as a public speaking expert who is sought after for Master of Ceremonies roles because he attracts a crowd.  When asked to produce live, in-person events, due to his long career and extensive network of associates, he is able to identify and attract  keynote speakers as well as arrange all the necessary support services like publicity, photography, set-up staff and full food and beverage services.   My experience is that Rich Austin produces both digital and in-person campaigns that are memorable and result in lasting business success. "  

John Kevorkian, Partner
Sprout CoWorking

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Richard Austin for over seven years.  Rich has always been a loyal and devoted friend, colleague and networking partner.  He takes the time to understand business owners’ needs and helps them explain what they do in the most succinct way.  Rich is a true professional and always puts his clients’ needs first.”

Patti Avin,
Tutor Doctor

“I have known Rich Austin for over ten years.  He is a great advocate for small business and he is the consummate networker.  Not only does Rich go to and sponsor networking events, he also helps small business owners to craft their marketing message and present that message calmly and concisely at those events.  I know many clients that he has helped and I have seen their improvement first-hand.  Rich is a tremendous asset to the small business community and I would not hesitate to refer him to any business person needing assistance with their public speaking or communications.”

Bob Salvas,
Marketing consultant

“I have known Rich Austin for ten years as a professional colleague in similar fields. I am always amazed and impressed with Rich’s facility with words and phrases especially in light of his early beginning as a stutterer and his persistence and diligence to overcome it. Rich really understands what it takes to be an effective speaker, create compelling content, and capture an audience.  He takes his clients through an effective step by process and his personality with great sense of humor adds fun and ease to the process. As a side note, Rich is there for his colleagues and is always willing to share ideas and collaborate. Rich’s work has my highest endorsement.”

Patricia Raskin,
Podcast Coach and Consultant

"I was just raving about you to my web designer the other day saying how I used a business coach last year as a desperate attempt to jolt my business so I could be more independent …and it was a total disappointment and waste of money. I felt worse about my business and felt like I was working even harder and not in the right area… the hamster wheel with no effect. I cut that relationship short at any rate. I couldn’t be more pleased working with you. Our work together is EXACTLY what I need and was hoping to get while working with the business coach which I didn’t get anything remotely close to any more clarity or productivity. So THANK YOU for all that you do!"

Becky Nolan,
True You Solutions