Step 5: Persuasion

Even the best message, well crafted and focused, may land flat if it isn’t delivered persuasively. There are many verbal and vocal tools that we all have at our disposal. We simply need to learn how and when to use them. Things like the tone of our voice, the pace at which we speak, the use of volume to focus or draw attention, and other conversational devices.

Through necessity (I have been a life-long stutterer who finally got help as an adult), I have learned and honed my verbal and vocal skills to not only maintain my fluency, but to teach and persuade others. In the final session of my workshop, we will explore the use of these tools, as well as when and how to use them.

If you are convinced that these 5 steps are worth exploring in greater detail, if you want to be more convincing, more focused, and more comfortable, register for my Build Your R.E.P.  workshop. I have both day and evening sessions. See you there!


These are the 5 fundamental steps that you need to follow to build your R.E.P Now you can work with me to work on each step to craft the right message for your business. Join us in one of our workshops.

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