Step 3: Focus

Has anyone even said to you “Get to the point!” You probably have to know someone fairly well to be so blunt, but I think it’s fair to say that people often wish they could say it. How many time have you been listening to someone and thought “I wish they would get to the point”. Of course, by the time you, or the person listening to you reaches this point, it’s too late. They have already stopped listening. Then you’re dead in the water.

Focus is a crucial component of the Build Your R.E.P. workshop, every step of the way. Your message must start focused, stay focused, and end focused. Your “point” must be well defined, relevant to the listener, and consistent throughout.

If you want to learn how to laser focus your message and stay on point, my workshop will provide the tools and methods you’ll need.

Real Testimonials About The Workshop 

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