Whether you are looking to hone your public speaking speaks, need content creation for websites, blogs, email campaigns, newsletters, promotional materials, or a sixty-second introduction, give me a call and let’s see how I can help.

Quick Chat

This quick chat is a great way to get acquainted. Many of my clients are not really sure where to start, or what to do first, and this free appointment is a great way for you to tell me what you’re looking to accomplish and for me to get a good idea as to how I can help. It’s helpful if you put a little thought into what we’ll talk about beforehand, write down your thoughts and your questions for me. You talk – I’ll listen! BOOK NOW

Getting to know you

This is for those folks that I meet through networking or introductions. It’s an opportunity to get acquainted and explore any synergies that may exist, and to just get to know each other better. BOOK NOW.

New Clients

A comprehensive appointment, perfect for fast-tracking you, especially at the start of our working together. I find that when first starting out, it can take some time to get to the heart of what you need and how I can help. I’ll be asking a lot of questions that will be provided prior to the session. At times, we may be reviewing and revising bigger projects, and the 1 hour session is perfect for that as well. BOOK NOW

30 Minute Progress Session

My 30 minute appointment is designed for clients to check in and report on progress, as well as for coaching and instruction. Most of the work we do together will be designed to allow us to catch up and set your next goal within 30 minutes. I know your time is valuable, so I strive to be efficient. BOOK NOW

Public Speaking/Communications Coaching

Public speaking doesn’t necessarily mean “in front of a large group”. That is only one aspect of communications. In fact, most of your “public” speaking will be one on one or no more that a few people at a time. So, we’ll determine what you need, what you’re looking to accomplish, and create a plan to meet your goals. And we’ll have fun doing it!  BOOK NOW