SPEAKING OF SUCCESS is dedicated to bringing the joy of communication to everyone. Whether you want to improve your speaking and presentation skills, craft that perfect “elevator pitch”, or create and deliver that winning presentation, we can help. We guarantee that you will become more comfortable, confident and courageous.  A courageous speaker can accomplish anything!  Whether for presentations, sales calls, or meetings, our goal is to enable you to find your own voice and maximize your unique skills.   Contact us, and let us make you more courageous!

Today’s fast paced world forces us to find ways to communicate effectively, and quickly.  You must have a “verbal brand” that gets the person listening and asking questions.  If they are asking questions, then you know they’re listening.  Creating and delivering your verbal brand will depend on

  • The actual words and phrases you use
  • The verbal tools you employ
  • Your body language, and
  • Your listener

Your coaching will be customized to meet your goals. Whether you want to:

  • Learn and apply vocal skills
  • Create your own “verbal branding”
  • Gain confidence and ​effectiveness in your speaking skills
  • Learn how to know your audience and what they need to hear
  • Practice and refine critical listening skills
  • Create and deliver a great “elevator pitch”
  • Learn how to create and deliver a winning presentation
  • Learn effective and entertaining speaking techniques
  • Discover, affirm and apply your own unique speaking style