Never bring a sword to a lightsaber fight.

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Inspiration –  Before I get started, I want to point out that today’s discussion comes with an important caveat. When we say there are no new ideas under the sun, that doesn’t include how creativity can make an old idea new and unique.  Today we are examining what already exists.


In Ecclesiastes 1:9 New International Version), A world-weary Solomon wrote:

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

Think about it. What is really new?

Communication? The methods we use have evolved from grunts and hand signs to cave drawings to the first alphabet – from writing on clay tablets to papyrus to paper and on to the printing press and now electronic means. But it’s still the act of conveying thoughts, ideas, instructions, entertainment, etc.

Killing is something that certainly isn’t new. We’ve just found new ways to do it more efficiency. And don’t get me started on sin… we haven’t really come up with any new type of sin in thousands of years. Just innovative ways to commit them.

So, you want to come up with something new and unique but you’re disappointed in yourself for not being able to? Well, I think you should cut yourself some slack. Instead of racking your brain to come up with something new under the sun, try to come up with something better. A better way to build it, a better way to deliver it, a better way to express it.  A better way.

I would urge you to look at what you do, what you offer, how you work with clients, etc., and identify each step and see how you could improve it. Progress is seldom revolutionary. It’s usually incremental. The trick is to make it look revolutionary.

Take the Star Wars franchise. It’s basically space cowboys, samurai culture, and vague religious themes of good and evil. Nothing new – just existing concepts re-imaged.

So put away your six shooter and your sword, pick up your blaster and your light saber, and get inspired. Your business and your clients will thank you.

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