T.E.N. tm  Our next Total Exposure Networking event is September 9. 2019 @ Red Stripe Restaurant, 455 Main St., East Greenwich. 

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I am thrilled to have MediPlan Advisors as our September RI T.E.N. sponsor. A plan that fits YOUR needs. We represent multiple companies to make sure you are given as many plan choices as possible. We will assist you in navigating all of your options, answering your questions and finding a plan to fit your specific health and prescription needs. As always there is no charge for our services
Since Medicare is our focus all year long, we are always available to assist you or answer your questions with the most current information available. This gives you piece of mind knowing that you will have support throughout the complete process: decision making, enrollment, and implementation of your plan.

At most networking events you’re lucky if you get to talk to 9 or 10 people. Even then, are you delivering your message or just talking about the weather or the latest news headlines? At Total Exposure Networking (TEN), we make sure that you get to deliver your pitch to everyone in the room! Our unique TEN format consists of starting out with food, drink, and general conversation. Then, when everyone is there, we pick 5 people, and they each have one minute to give their pitch to everyone in the room. Now for the good part – we then take 10 minutes to allow anyone to talk with those who just spoke to ask questions, learn more, and make appointments. Then, we pick 5 more and do it again, and again, using the 5/10 format until everyone has had the opportunity to deliver their pitch to everyone in the room! A perfect TEN! 

Lastly, you will leave with 7 established persuasive techniques to utilize when speaking with your prospective new customer that will enable you to hold their attention and convince them of your credibility.

Enroll before April 16 and receive a free 30 minute coaching session on any of the workshop sessions.

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