Networking ROI

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Networking ROI “Time is money”. Benjamin Frankly coined this adage in 1748 in an essay titled Advice to a Young Tradesman. Too frequently we fail to realize that our time is valuable. This includes the time we spend on networking. … Read More

Communications for the Entrepreneur

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I’m creating a course entitled “Authentic and Honest Persuasion” (A Public Speaking and Presentation Workshop). I was sitting at my desk the other day, with two computer screens glowing, three different public speaking textbooks and two books on accelerated and … Read More

What’s my (tag) line?

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I know I’m dating myself, but “What’s my line?” was the longest running game show in television history. The first episode aired in 1950, and the show finally concluded in 1975. The premise was that a panel, made up of … Read More

Why am I blogging?

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Funny you should ask. I’ve enrolled in an on-line blogging course by WordPress, called “Blogging 101”. It lasts several weeks, and is intended to get you (or me in this case) in the habit of blogging regularly by providing daily … Read More

Levitating Frogs

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At a recent networking event for entrepreneurs, rather than asking yet another question about each other’s business, each attendee was asked to tell the group what they liked to do in their spare time. For the most part, the answers … Read More

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