All workshops are now being conducted virtually via zoom.

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72% of your potential customers prefer learning about you via video.

(and they retain 95% of your message, compared to 10% for written text)

Your video must be clear, concise, entertaining, and brief.

It must grab their attention, arouse their curiosity, motivate them to continue listening, and give them a reason to respond.

No more “wandering the verbal landscape” until you get to your message.

Let me create your 2 minute video script for you. Quick, easy, and cost-effective.

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Speaking of Success

Workshops for people who want to develop public speaking skills and who want to hone their existing skills. 

Total Exposure Networking

Become a TEN partner. Total Exposure Networking (TEN) is an exclusive, proven new networking model. Join others who have found that they can make money while promoting their business!

Presenting for Success

Immediately Grab and Control Your Audience! Learn how to present to an audience in a manner that engages. 


Thank you for all you do.